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Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO) Scheme

Promoting Road Safety within Schools.

Two children are selected each year for the important role of JRSO. They are asked to organise road safety initiatives which include: the setting up and maintenance of a notice board, the organisation of themed assemblies and the running of road safety competitions.

At the end of the academic year, the JRSOs will receive a certificate.

This scheme is provided by The Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership.

In Term Two our Junior Road Safety Officers ran another competition. They asked children to think about Speed Limits and to design a speeding ticket that could be issued to drivers who speed past our school. Our Local Community Police Officers visited the children one afternoon and involved our JRSOs and the competition winners in a speed check, on Orford Road. The children took turns to operate the speed guns and issued five of their tickets in total. Please see picture below.

 A new initiative will be launched in Terms Three. Details to follow.

Junior Road Safety Officers

In Term One our Junior Road Safety Officers launched a Be Bright Be Seen Campaign. A special Assembly was held to highlight the issue. An unprecedented number of children participated in a DESIGN- A BE BRIGHT BE SEEN WAISTCOAT competition. The winner of this competition was a Year 5 child from Class Foxes. Her winning design was made and she was given the waistcoat to keep. Please see the picture below.