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Prospective Parents and Carers are very welcome to visit our school. We'll give you a tour around our school, introduce you to our pupils and staff and inform you of the admissions process in detail.

Children who will be four years of age by August 31st may be admitted into school in September of that year. Parents are reminded that they still retain their right to statutory admission at age 5. This decision should, however, be taken in consultation with the Headteacher.

The present minimum admission limit is 15 pupils. 

Please see our Admissions Policy. Within this we explain:

  • How we will consider applications for every year group
  • What parents should do if they want to apply for their child to attend our school
  • Our arrangements for selecting the pupils who apply
  • Our "Over-Subscription Criteria" (how we offer places if there are more applicants than places)Please click the links below to access information about Lincolnshire County Council Schools Admissions and Lincolnshire County Council Mid Year Admissions.

Link: Mid Year Admissions

Link: Lincolnshire Schools Admissions Policy